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His work received immediate positive responce from readers. Once he had one book under his belt, he kept going. His first novel - Lookin' for Luv, was a relationbship story written from the male perspective. In addition to his writing, Weber is the founder and publisher of Urban Books and in , he was named Blackboard's Publisher of The Year.

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He is also a recipient of Blackboard's Bestseller of the Year award. The Family Business. Carl Weber , Eric Pete. By day, the Duncans are an upstanding family who run a thriving car dealership in Queens. By night, they live a dangerous secret life! Duncan, patriarch of the family, is at the age when he s starting to think about retirement in sunny Florida. But the recession is taking a bite out of the business and, worrying more, he has to decide which of his children should take over. When his workaholic son Orlando gets the nod, Orlando s siblings including the favorite son Vegas, conniving daughter London, glamorous party girl Paris and flamboyant nightclub owner Rio are up in arms.

But so are the Zunigas, a rival family whose fragile business alliance with the Duncans may explode at any moment.

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When Vegas suddenly breaks away from the family, London s lawyer husband, Harris, makes a play for the company and all hell breaks loose. Selling cars, it turns out, is only a small part of the Duncans family business. Each member of the family has a secret expertise to reveal. And now, under siege from the Mafia, Mexican drug cartels and the Zunigas, the Duncans will have to stick together or die separately! London 5 Orlando. London 8. Orlando 10 Paris 11 LC London 14 Orlando As the child of an unhappy, volatile marriage, Conradi spent his first 35 years protecting his mother from his father.

Perhaps he muses, it therefore came naturally for him to spend the next 35 years protecting Murdoch from the world. The evidence certainly favours this interpretation. Among the more shocking of the childhood tales told here is one where his father threw the beloved dog down the staircase.

His mother was subjected to infidelity, violence and manipulative cruelty, and all of her four children continued to have panic attacks into adulthood. He did this with friends and lovers, and he did it with more abstract groups of sufferers, volunteering for the Six-Day War to protect Jews in , and moving to Poland after the Berlin War fell to protect the Poles from their own history. We can see how Murdoch — successful yet unworldly and innocent, charismatic yet vulnerable — might qualify for his attention. In analysing his family, Conradi goes back beyond the relatives he knew, the historian in him curious to understand his roots.

His rich, unpredictable parents were the children of German and American Jews.

Family Business 3: The Return to Vegas Audiobook - Carl Weber, Treasure Hernandez

So there are chapters here on the history of 19th-century Judaism we find Conradi relatives in Dresden inventing the Leibniz biscuit and publishing a newspaper called Zauberspiegel and on his enticing grandmother, Florence, a spoiled, charming American heiress who was, in his childhood, his closest friend. We hear about Conradis fighting on both the German and the English sides of the First World War, cousin pitched against cousin.

When Conradi zooms in on his close relatives, the results are fascinating, but when he ranges around into the wider ancestry, it can feel aimlessly diffuse. Where he does fascinate as much as ever is in the final third of the book, which he devotes to Iris Murdoch. There are some minor revelations here. Conradi is especially receptive to the way that her generosity could transmute into a kind of ravenous cannibalism and back again.

Where is Conradi himself in this? Everywhere and nowhere. Conradi tells us about the tradition of service he inherited from his Jewish ancestors.

The SAGE Handbook of Family Business

This has served him well as biographer and as a friend. There is a smack of King Lear to the legacy of Iris Murdoch, due less to her famous mental decline than the pivotal role of the three men who, following her death in , heaved their hearts into their mouths. But which is the honest Cordelia: her husband, John Bayley, her friend, A. Wilson, or her good apprentice Peter J. This is a heavy load, but Conradi was born to a life of duty and responsibility.

Family Business: A Memoir | Seren Books

His own legacy, he fears in his memento mori, may be one of discipleship; and Family Business is a response to this particular nothingness. Murdoch was herself the epigone of Elias Canetti, a monster ego who, when asked to write a review for the New Statesman , enquired first about the other names who would be in the same issue. Many questions are raised in these pages. Was she really an innocent, or was her innocence itself — as Conradi suggests — a kind of crime? Was Bayley a long-suffering or destructive husband?

And who exactly is Peter J. Conradi in order to tell him, as the less famous of the two, to change his name. Nor does Conradi question the continued value or otherwise of the novels themselves, which are falling out of fashion.

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And is the job of the biographer to give us all a good wash? Speak, Cordelia. He is the spectator of his own, not entirely happy, drama. Conradi, slow to come out as gay, is sexually uneasy until he finds his long-term partner through the small ads of Time Out. Was the boy pleased by his power over his parents? Is the man gratified in remembering it?

If his dashing American paternal grandmother, born Florence Josephi, had been his preferred mother substitute she hand-painted lampshades for the gentry and had a thing about Queen Mary , Murdoch, whom he equivalently revered, made a natural successor — another target for knight-errantry. The best and most conventional chapters in this strange but sympathetic memoir revisit his famous biographical subject.

Murdoch had a habit, like Virginia Woolf, of quizzing her friends. If you know your Peter Conradi from your Peter J. Born on VE Day, he has clearly been thinking too hard, and worrying too much, since the age of about two. His father sounds dismally small-minded. Conradi writes. But they all have perfect manners. Two inventions are mentioned. An ancestor created the Leibniz biscuit for which we thank him.

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They met at a lunch party in Norwich in , when Conradi was 36 and writing a PhD on Platonism in her work. He paints a touching portrait of the growing friendship between the two couples, as Iris became increasingly confused, and they helped to bathe her and wash her hair. All very well — but fondness made things tricky when it came to writing an unbiased biography.