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Interestingly, locations in the Sacramento River contained low levels of ancestral hybridization and gene flow from C. The remaining population structure was strongly correlated with Sierra Nevada presence high or absence low. S2 Plot of log likelihood values vs. Table S1 Haplotypes for three nDNA markers, showing the number of individuals from each location with that haplotype. Table S4 Analysis of molecular variance amova for two different potential groupings of locations based on structure K outputs.

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Fossil and genetic history of a pinyon pine Pinus edulis isolate. Contrasting effects of long distance seed dispersal on gene diversity during range expansion.

Phylogeography of California: An Introduction | NHBS Academic & Professional Books

Organelle gene diversity under migration, mutation and drift: equilibrium expectations, approach to equilibrium, effects of heteroplasmic cells and comparison with nuclear genes. Forest genomics grows up and branches out. New Phytol. Brunsfeld, S. Comparative phylogeography of north-western North America: a synthesis. In Integrating ecological and evolutionary processes in a spatial context. Edited by J.

Silverton and J. Blackwell Science, Oxford, UK. Insights into the biogeography of the Pacific Northwest of North America: evidence from the phylogeography of Salix melanopsis. Rangewide variation of the maritime pine blast scale Matsucoccus feytaudi Duc. Homoptera: Matsucoccidae in relation to the genetic structure of its host. Burns, R. Pseudotsuga menziesii Mirbel Franco, Douglas fir. In Silvics of North America. Patterns of molecular evolution and diversification in a biodiversity hotspot: the California Floristic Province.

Canadian Journal of Forest Research

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Consequences of cytonuclear epistasis and assortative mating for the genetic structure of hybrid populations. Palaeoecology and coalescence: phylogeographic analysis of hypotheses from the fossil record. Trends Ecol. Long-distance colonization, isolation by distance, and historical demography in a relictual Mexican pinyon pine Pinus nelsonii Shaw as revealed by paternally inherited genetic markers cpSSRs. Davis M. Quaternary history of deciduous forests of eastern North America and Europe.

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Geographic patterns of allozyme variation in Jeffrey pine. Diverging patterns of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA diversity in subarctic black spruce: imprint of a founder effect associated with postglacial colonization. Genetic diversity of core and peripheral Sitka spruce Picea sitchensis Bong. Carr populations: implications for conservation of widespread species.

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Nuclear restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of genetic diversity in western redcedar. A mitochondrial DNA minisatellite reveals the postglacial history of jack pine Pinus banksiana , a broad-range North American conifer. Glacial vicariance in the Pacific Northwest: evidence from a lodgepole pine mitochondrial DNA minisatellite for multiple genetically distinct and widely separated refugia.

Gottlieb LD. Rethinking classic examples of recent speciation in plants. Graham, A. History of the arborescent temperate element in the northern Latin American biota. In Vegetation and vegetational history of northern Latin America. Edited by A. Elsevier, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In Biodiversity and conservation of neotropical montane forests. Edited by S. Churchill, H. Balslev, E. Forero, and J. Post-glacial history of Trillium grandifollium Melianthiaceae in eastern North America: inferences from phylogeography. Contrasting patterns of historical colonization in white oaks Quercus spp.

Genetic diversity and population structure in pitch pine Pinus rigida Mill. Multivariate analysis of allozymic and quantitative trait variation in Alnus rubra : geographic patterns and evolutionary implications. Hampe A, Petit RJ. Conserving biodiversity under climate change: the rear edge matters. Hamrick JL. Response of forest trees to global environmental changes. Effects of life history on genetic diversity in plant species. Harris SA, Ingram R. Chloroplast DNA and biosystematics: the effects of intraspecific diversity and plastid transmission. Hewitt GM.

Some genetic consequences of ice ages, and their role in divergence and speciation. Chloroplast DNA diversity among trees, populations and species in the California closed-cones pines Pinus radiata , Pinus muricata and Pinus attanuata. Paleoecology meets genetics: deciphering past vegetational dynamics. Environ In press Google Scholar. On estimation of the radio pollen to seed among plant populations. Spatial patterns of genetic variations generated by different forms of dispersal during range expansion. Irwin DE. Phylogeographic breaks without geographic barriers to gene flow. Jackson, J.

Evolution and environment in tropical America. University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Ill. Jackson ST, Weng C. Late Quaternary extinction of a tree species in eastern North America. Mapped plant-macrofossil and pollen records of late Quaternary vegetation change in eastern North America.

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Mitochondrial genome recombination in the zone of contact between two hybridizing conifers. Variation in mitochondrial DNA reveals multiple distant glacial refugia in black spruce Picea mariana , a transcontinental North American conifer. Decoupled mitochondrial and chloroplast DNA population structure reveals Holocene collapse and population isolation in a threatened Mexican-endemic conifer. Genetic diversity and spatial subdivision of Populus tremuloides Salicaceae in a heterogeneous landscape.

Mitochondrial haplotype distribution, seed dispersal and patterns of postglacial expansion of ponderosa pine. Regional patterns of genetic diversity in Pinus flexilis Pinaceae reveal complex species history. Ecology, biogeography, and conservation of the coastal plain plants: some general principles from the study of Nova Scotian wetlands. Contrasting microsatellite variation between subalpine and western larch, two closely-related species with different distribution patterns. King LH. Late Wisconsin ice retreat from the Scotian Shelf. Kirkpatrick M, Barton NH. Kitamura K, Kawano S.