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  1. Advances in Photochemistry: Neckers/Advances in Photochemistry
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However, the model and its implications are easily misunderstood.

Thus, we present a guide to help understand and to avoid misinterpreting it. Research Highlights 11 July Advanced search.

Advances in Photochemistry: Neckers/Advances in Photochemistry

Skip to main content. Search My Account Login. Atom RSS Feed Photochemistry Definition Photochemistry is the study of chemical processes that occur because of the absorption of light.

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Moskalensky Scientific Reports 9 , Reviews 16 September Passivating contacts for crystalline silicon solar cells The development of passivating contacts holds great potential for enhancing the power conversion efficiency of silicon photovoltaics. Nature Energy , Watson , Benjamin Doughty , Tessa R.

Calhoun , Mahshid Ahmadi , Anton V. Ievlev , Stephen Jesse , Scott T.

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Sumpter , Sergei V. Ovchinnikova Nature Materials 18 , Research 16 September Super-resolution labelling with Action-PAINT Super-resolution microscopy has enabled optical imaging of individual biomolecules on the nanometre scale. Nature Chemistry , Research 16 September Open Access A molecular movie of ultrafast singlet fission Ultrafast photo-induced processes in complex systems require theoretical models and their experimental validation which are still lacking.

Nature Communications 10 , News and Comment News and Views 21 August Moving hydrogels to the fourth dimension Materials that permit spatiotemporal control of biomolecule presentation have long been a challenge in the field.

Recent advances in photochemistry

Nature Materials 18 , News and Views 05 August Ever thinner high-efficiency cells Ultrathin III—V solar cells are sought after for their relatively low cost and potential novel applications such as hot-carrier solar cells, but currently suffer from low power-conversion efficiency.

Nature Energy 4 , Nature Chemistry 11 , Comments and Opinion 24 July Guide for the perplexed to the Shockley—Queisser model for solar cells The Shockley—Queisser model is a landmark in photovoltaic device analysis by defining an ideal situation as reference for actual solar cells.


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Aquatic and Surface Photochemistry. By George R. Edition 1st Edition. First Published Imprint CRC Press. Pages pages.

Advances in Mechanistic Photochemistry |

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